.. mysterious sounds can be heard as an ancient device begins to stir into motion. Moss covered stone and grass covered rock begin to shift and move along the earths surface. The small clearing cracks and rumbles to life, splitting open and revealing a staircase leading into a deep dark cavern. Its walls are smooth and refined, as if they were fashioned by long forgotten architects. Patterns on the walls begin to glow in an eerie phosphorescent green as stones in the room slide and lock into place. As the lights travel along engraved paths to the far end of the room, two large monoliths are illuminated, and the earth begins to hum. The lights split up the monoliths from the floor, cracking them open and a white light floods the room with a loud hiss like air escaping a vacuum. The stone monuments slide open revealing two humanoid shadows and then lights begin to fade. When the white light is no more, the shadows are revealed to be two boys, One of tan skin with hair the color of sand, the other of fair skin and a head of brown hair. Both seem to be unconscious and naked besides some white shorts. After a moment, they both fall to the floor in front of them. There is a loud click and a stone pillar begins to rise from the floor. The phosphorescent lights climb up it as it rises, shifting into a pale blue as they ascend the monolith. Another click and the pillar stops, glimmers, and the lights drift off it into the open air, swirling  into a physical form. The lights finally rest to reveal a small woman, no taller than a foot in height, glowing the same pale blue the now inert monolith had once held. She walks towards the boys and places her hands on her hips. A look of frustration creeps over her soft blue face. 

“Wake up you two!!! There is no way boys this lazy are the ones.” She yells as she proceeds to flick both boys in the forehead with her pointer fingers.

The boys groan and shift, their eyes fluttering open as they wake. Both children bolt upright at the sight of each other and the glowing blue woman. Scurrying back against the walls, the boys exchanged stares with each other and the woman.

The small woman crosses her arms across her chest, the look of frustration intensified on her face.

"Now Look here and Listen close, cause I am only going to say this once. You are probably in a lot of shock right now, but you both need to calm down. Its going to take a moment for you to readjust and regain your thoughts after sleeping for so long. Get up and dressed, we have many things we need to do and there is no time to dawdle."

The boys watched her bewildered. She let out a heavy agitated sigh and walked over to the wall between the monuments the boys had come from. With a touch of her finger the wall hummed. Within seconds stones slid out from the wall to reveal a garment rack with clothes for the children.

"Hey! I said let’s get a move on!" She relentlessly tapped her foot impatiently whilst she waited for them. The boys looked to each other, waiting for the other to make a move. They both nodded, got to their feet, and briskly moved towards the garment rack. As they approached the racks on their respective sides they noticed strange characters on the monoliths they were birthed from moments ago. The tan child ran his fingers across the markings. His soft hands following each carved symbol with care.

"Darren… that’s my name isn’t it?" He said, turning to look at the woman.

"Yes, yes, and my name is Davni now can we Hurry?" She turned to the fair skinned boy, waiting for him to repeat the others actions, but instead she saw him lightly rubbing his neck with one hand, his face bearing emotions of fear, confusion, and panic.

The boy’s name was Lincoln according to the monolith before him. He stood there gazing out at nothing while lightly rubbing his throat. His lips parted as he tries to speak his name, but to no avail. Davni’s look of frustration melted to that of worry and concern. She rushed up to him, seeming to climb some invisible steps, till she was perched on the boys shoulder leaning forward to see his face. Gazing into his eyes, she could only see worry and fear reflected back at her. Gently she swept her hands over his mouth and neck before hugging the side of his neck.

"What’s wrong?" Darren asked hesitantly as he peeked around the garment rack. Davni had a look of regret upon her face. Lincolns face relaxed as he realized what had become of his voice.

"Im afraid that Lincolns vocal cords are malfunctioning due to a reaction to the chemicals used to induce the hybernation."

"His what?"

"He cant speak…."